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The three potential reasons why a business may not make sales

A lovely morning to you.

I hope you are looking forward to the new week like I am?

I’ve been thinking over the weekend on why some businesses struggle to
make sales, and there could be a thousand reasons but only three made
sense to me.

I call these ‘The three potential reasons why a business may not make
sales’. Kindly let me know which one you are experiencing in your
business, I’m interested to know.

Here we go:

1. You don’t know your market – most business launch products and
services without understanding their market and as a result it becomes
difficult to sell to the right people. Have you done your market
research to define and segment your market?

2. Customers cannot afford what you are selling – because you don’t
understand your market you try sell to everyone. If people complain
about your price they are not the right market for you! Don’t change the
price, change the market.

3. Your Salesforce cannot close deals – through my coaching and training
on sales I came to a point where I realised it’s not that businesses
have access to market challenges or lack of customers, but most sales
people cannot close deals.

So, which of these is a challenge in your business?

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